Get your golf fix and keep your game sharp all-year-round at our state-of-the-art indoor golf facility. We offer four TruGolf simulators. You’ll be able to play over 80 courses around the world using the simulators, while enjoying the comfort of a climate controlled environment. Feel free to play alone or with friends and improve your game in the most affordable way!

Variable weather conditions--When have you ever been able to order up the weather? Play your favorite course under sunny skies, or watch the fog roll over the course with a rain shower or two. You can even select a random setting and surprise yourself as the weather unfolds.

Wind speed & directions preferences--Ocean waves crashing on the shore, clouds gliding gently across the sky, trees swaying in the breeze or thrashing in gusts of wind as your ball is carried with the forces of nature. You choose the conditions! In our world these are physical occurrences, not just visual effects.

Awe inspiring views and camera angles--Ultimate freedom to see the world from any angle. Enjoy sweeping previews of each hole to give you a better lay of the land. Experience play in a first person perspective, soar with the ball, or see it from a spectator's point of view. Reverse your shot or get an instant reply of the action.

TruGolf simulators use cutting edge technology to help analyze your golf swing. The TruTrack tracking system gives you precise information on how hard and where you are hitting the ball.

Come in and enjoy with your friends!